IBM unveils Deep Learning as a Service, new cloud integrations at Think 2018

AI developers can more easily develop neural networks within Watson Studio.

The average SMB website is attacked 44 times per day

WordPress sites and plugins were also a common attack vector.

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Survey: Smart office tech is widely adopted, but results are mixed for many professionals

10 Terminal commands for power users

Prevent your Mac from sleeping for two hours using the Caffeinate command.

Most powerful Raspberry Pi-style boards yet? Octa-core machines with dual-SATA, PCIe, USB 3.0

The board is expected to be available shortly, but has not yet been priced.

How to do ethnography the right way: 3 tips for getting a better understanding of your customers

Ethnography has become a buzzword, almost to the point of being a joke. But it can be a powerful tool for ensuring success of a product or service when done right.

How to set up quick and easy file sharing with Samba

If you want to use a Linux desktop or server to share files, see how simple it can be with the help of Samba.

How to improve VirtualBox guest performance in five steps

If your VirtualBox virtual machines are lagging in performance, check out these five tips.

How to take advantage of symbolic links in Windows 10

Symbolic links can save you a lot of time, and the Windows 10 command-line tool MKLink makes it easy to create them. Here are several examples of how you can put symbolic links to work.

How to apply an Excel validation control that protects a specific limit

Don't stop with simple validation controls. In this article, you'll learn how to use custom formulas to limit data input.

How to connect to a VirtualBox VM desktop remotely

This quick how to article walks you through the process of connecting to a VirtualBox virtual machine, so you can work locally on a remote desktop.

Two ways to generate a list of tables in a Word document

Documenting tables and figures in a Word document is easy using Word's built-in referencing feature--and there's more than one way to get the job done.

How to add virtual hosts to NGINX

Extending NGINX is much easier than you might think. Jack Wallen illustrates this by walking you through the process of creating virtual hosts on this lightweight web server.

How to monitor memory compression in Windows 10

Windows 10's memory management feature is far superior to its predecessors, but it's also misunderstood. Here's where to see the memory compression feature at work, and how to monitor it.

Intel to make all future CPUs Meltdown- and Spectre-proof

While currently deployed products are being updated through a patchwork of software and microcode updates, the company outlined designed safeguards for future CPUs.

Top 5: Security risks associated with web apps

Raising awareness of these risks, identified by the Open Web Application Security Project, can help build a culture of secure code in your organization.

How to build a simple timesheet that accommodates projects in Excel 2016

Learn how to build a customizable timesheet to track hours spent on projects.

Apple's FileVault 2 encryption program: A cheat sheet

This comprehensive guide about Apple's FileVault 2 covers features, system requirements, and more, and will be updated as new information comes along.

Fatal pedestrian crash causes Uber to stop self-driving car tests

The company has suspended self-driving operations in Tempe, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Toronto.

Facebook's Oculus Go VR headset to release at F8 developer conference in May

The Oculus Go offers VR games, social apps, 360 degree experiences, and a "personal portable theater" to watch content from various media partners.

How to protect your company from tax season phishing scams

Don't let your company's W-2 forms fall into the wrong hands.

Cambridge Analytica's Facebook game in politics was just the beginning, the enterprise was next

TechRepublic senior writer Dan Patterson has been following Cambridge Analytica for almost two years. Here's his coverage of the most recent events involving the company.

How to make your product photography shine

Your company's product is awesome. Make sure your product photography is too.

10 questions to ask management about your organization's cybersecurity policies

Cybersecurity is an increasingly hot topic at corporate board meetings. Here are some important issues to bring up.

Is this the world's smallest computer? IBM chip is no bigger than a grain of salt

The machine will pack several hundred thousands of transistors into a chip designed to combat fraud in global supply chains.

Cracking Open the Samsung Galaxy S9: Teardown

In this CNET Cracking Open video, TechRepublic's Bill Detwiler and Jason Hiner tear down the Galaxy S9 to reveal what’s inside.

Exomedicine arrives: How labs in space could pave the way for healthcare breakthroughs on Earth

"It seems very science fiction-y, but it's actually happening. It's a dynamic and maturing market.” -Howie Diamond, venture capitalist

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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+: Download this insider's guide to the fastest Raspberry Pi yet

10 Terminal commands for power users

Apple's Terminal offers a lot of functionality compared to the macOS GUI. Power users and anyone else who wants to work smarter will benefit from learning these 10 Terminal commands.

Tests show Samsung Galaxy S9 is stronger than S8, but still breaks on first drop

Despite thicker glass and stronger metal than its predecessors, the Galaxy S9 performed only marginally better in SquareTrade's drop tests.

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Video: How Cambridge Analytica used Facebook to get millions of U.S. voters personal data

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Dropbox, Airbnb, 99designs office fit-outs hint at the future of work (via our sister site ZDNet)

LinkedIn launches 'Ask for a Referral' feature to use your network to help land a job

LinkedIn's new option is aimed at increasing your chances of getting an interview by taking advantage of people you already know.

Java at a crossroads: Why the popular programming language needs to evolve to stay alive

Java is still one of the most popular coding languages for developers, but drops in the job market and slow growth mean it may need to evolve for use cases like machine learning and IoT.

Microsoft's Windows Server 2008 R2 patches took some servers offline

Released on Patch Tuesday, the patches are causing problems for virtual network cards, with many administrators reporting resets and disconnects.

How to manually install the VirtualBox extension pack

If you find yourself with a mismatched VirtualBox and VirtualBox Extension Pack release, such that VirtualBox itself cannot resolve, Jack Wallen shows you how to fix this from the command line.

How to control your Android device from Chrome with Vysor

Working between a desktop and an Android smartphone can be cumbersome. See how Vysor can help you work seamlessly and efficiently between those devices.

How to print to a local network printer from a Chromebook

Chromebooks offer convenience and portability, but what about printing? Here are three ways to print directly to your networked printer from a Chromebook.

How to use Windows 10's Resource Monitor to track memory usage

Windows 10 offers a number of ways to keep an eye on your system's memory usage. Here's a rundown of the options you'll find on Resource Monitor's Memory tab.

How to enable the Cisco VPN Client on Windows 10

Cisco's VPN Client v5 is not officially supported on Windows 10--but what if you rely on the software to communicate remotely to business resources? Here's a workaround to help you out.

How to extract text from a PDF or image in Google Drive

If you're wanting to convert an image into text, Google Docs has a powerful Optical Character Recognition feature built right in. Here's how to make it work.

Angel Giuffria demonstrates her Ottobock Bebionic 3 small-size hand at SXSW 2018

At SXSW 2018, Angel Giuffria, actress and brand champion for Ottobock Healthcare, talked to TechRepublic's Teena Maddox about her Bebionic 3 small-size hand, an innovative multi-functional hand, wrist, and forearm prosthetic.

How to export and import containers with Docker

If you have a need to move Docker containers from one host to another, here's how to do that with the export/import feature.

How to delete photos from your Android device and retain them on Google Drive

If you need to free up local storage space on your Android device, and have lots of photos on your phone, learn how to delete those images without actually losing them.

This amputee actress' prosthetic hand is a beautiful device loaded with cool tech

Ottobock Healthcare's brand champion, actress Angel Giuffria shows off her Bebionic 3 small-size hand, an innovative multi-functional hand, wrist, and forearm prosthetic at SXSW 2018.

How Cambridge Analytical used Facebook to get millions of U.S. voter's personal data

Cambridge Analytica, a data firm linked to President Trump's 2016 election campaign, is accused of harvesting millions of Facebook profiles of U.S voters. Dan Patterson, senior writer for TechRepublic, talked to CBS News about how they may have done it.

Developer nightmare: EU wants to filter all code uploaded to the web

An EU proposal would require platforms that host content to check all uploads for copyright violations, which could make software more expensive.

Hyperloop: Take a trip into the future of transport

A visual journey charting recent efforts to develop a working Hyperloop, which promises travel as fast as an airliner and as cheap as a train.

Scammers successfully post fake Amazon ad on Google, again

On Thursday, the top Google search result for "Amazon" was a scam tech support website, marking the second time this issue has come up.